In the Zaporozhye area schools closed for quarantine

В Запорожской области школы закрывают на карантин

Three schools closed on quarantine

In 22 area schools have suspended lessons partially and three fully. Also because of the flu and SARS are closed kindergartens.

The three schools of Zaporizhzhya region fully suspended classes because of the increasing incidence of students with flu and acute respiratory viral infections. On Tuesday, December 4, according to the regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health.

It is noted that in 22 school classes have been suspended partially.

According to the Agency, a fully suspended the educational process in novouspenivs’ke and Zaporizhia schools veselovskogo district and Novogupalovka educational complex vilnyansk district.

Partially (in some classes) suspended classes in 12 schools of Zaporozhye, in the three – and two Melitopol, Chernihiv district.

Among the pre-schools temporarily suspended operation of two kindergartens in Veselovsky and Orekhov district, in part four kindergartens and one Zaporizhia, Chernihiv district.

It is noted that the decision to suspend classes will be accepted if more than 30% of affected students.

We will remind, in Kramatorsk, school is closed because of the flu. Classes are suspended during the period 5 to 11 December.

Earlier it became known that Kiev was 14.2 per thousand patients with influenza and SARS, and the rise compared to the previous week to 4.1%.


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