In the Zaporozhye region faced two trucks

В Запорожской области столкнулись два грузовика

One of the trucks flipped over

The impact was so strong that one of the trucks overturned. Rescuers pulled a trapped in the cab of the truck driver.

In the Zaporozhye region, near the town of Stepnogorsk, Monday, November 12, collided with two trucks. As a result of hitting one of the trucks overturned. It is reported Zanoza, citing eyewitnesses.

The accident happened around 6:30 near the railway bridge, where the repair work. It is also known that one of the trucks involved in the accident was loaded with pipes.

One of the drivers caught in the deformed cockpit. Rescuers pulled a man and handed to paramedics.

Accurate information about the victims and casualties yet.



Previously, under Khmelnytsky truck collided with a passenger car.

It was also reported that in the Lvov region faced two trucks, which perevodili building materials and fabrics.


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