In the Zaporozhye region on quarantine have closed about fifty schools

В Запорожской области на карантин закрыли около полусотни школ

Quarantined because of SARS closed almost fifty schools and kindergartens in Zaporizhia region

In Zaporozhye educational process is suspended in five kindergartens, 45 schools, and 32 individual classes.

In the Zaporozhye region quarantined due to the high incidence of SARS in children (over 30%) has closed about fifty schools and kindergartens. On Thursday, January 31, the press service of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration.

“The educational process is suspended in four preschools, 44 secondary schools and educational complexes in Tokmak boarding school, and 32 individual classes of institutions of General secondary education”, – follows from the data of the relevant Department of the state administration.

Thus, quarantines are closed: in Zaporozhye – two schools (No. 30 and No. 109) and suspended the educational process in the 21 class; change in 16 schools; in Melitopol suspended classes in all 22 schools. In the Melitopol district do not work Dolinskaya secondary school and one class Konstantinovsky specialized school.

In addition, in Veselovsky district suspended the educational process in one garden, one school and four classes. Nutty, in Novouspenivka and S. S. Rivendell does not work due to quarantine one kindergarten.

It is noted that the timing of the quarantine determines educational institution independently, in some institutions, the training is suspended until February 4, in the other, until 11 February.

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