In the Zaporozhye region with the pursuit detained a gang

В Запорожской области с погоней задержали банду

Robbers arrested after pursuit

Suspects arrested after robbery at home of a businessman. The armed attackers tried to evade prosecution by the police.

Komyshuvatka in the village of Primorsky district, Zaporizhia region after a robbery at the home of the owner, the police detained five suspects. On Tuesday, February 12, the press service of the police region.

Militiamen received operational information that a group of criminals Rob residents of Zaporozhye and other areas, moving on the car of Volkswagen.

12 February in the village Komishevatk they entered the home of 31-year-old men, where at gunpoint and bound him, and took possession of the money, digital equipment and jewellery. Malefactors were detained while trying to escape from the scene of the crime.

In the organization of the criminal group is suspected 35-the summer inhabitant of the Nikolaev area. The gang was also previously convicted inhabitants of the Nikolaev and Zaporozhye areas, and also inhabitants of Kiev.

Law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case under article about robbery. The suspects checked on the possible participation in Commission of similar crimes in the territory of the Zaporozhye and other areas.


Earlier in Kiev have detained chase runaway from-under arrest of a drunk driver who drove a stolen car.

Before that in Odessa region the robbers got in an accident after the crime, one of them died.

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