In the Zhitomir region, firefighters liquidated ignition in the two houses

В Житомирской обл. пожарные ликвидировали возгорание в двух домах

Photos from the scene of the fire. 9.03.2017

In the Zhitomir region, March 18, firefighters liquidated ignition in the two houses. This was reported on the website of the Antimonopoly.

In particular, in rescue service received a message about a fire in a two story residential building, located in Berdichev. Rescuers were called by neighbours of the owner of the house. Noticing the fire, they immediately ran to the owners for help, who had no idea that the house is on fire.

Upon arrival of firefighters to the place of call, the roof of the house total area of 60 sq. m. was fully engulfed in flames. Assessing the situation, the chief of the guard made the decision on attraction of additional forces and means for liquidation of fire. In particular, it needed another car for uninterrupted supply of water.

Firefighters found the fire in the living room on the second floor. It had wooden walls and ceiling. On the ground floor there was a slight smoke.

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Owing to emergency fire destroyed 60 square meters of the roof, and property and furnish the living room on the second floor. To the first floor accommodation rescuers did not allow flame spread.

In addition, at 03:55, firefighters went to extinguish the fire of another house in Korosten. The owners of the house woke up from the acrid smell of smoke. Fire managed to destroy 7 sqm of roof and 3 sqm of floor at home.

As a result of fires, dead and injured is not detected. Causes of the fires are now experts establish.

As reported in the Kherson region in a fire in a private house killed two men.

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