In the Zhytomyr region, a scandal erupted due to a frozen death of the student

На Житомирщине разгорается скандал из-за замерзшей насмерть студентки

The deceased student Iryna Butler

Local activists claim that the girl at 4 am in 20-degree cold in the middle of the forest, planted the conductor and bus driver. Those saying she was drunk and left herself.

In the Zhytomyr region are clarified ambiguous details of the death of 21-year-old student, whose body was found in the woods on 10 January 2019. The death of a young girl can be indirectly guilty of the driver and the conductor of the bus, according to local activist Stop corruption Ignatyev, which conducted its own investigation.

Body frozen to death 4th year students of Novohrad-Volynskyi medical College on 10 January 2019 found in the forest by her father, who works as a Forester.

“January 10, between the villages of Pollen and Rudnya-khochyns’ka in the forest was found the body of girls born in 1998 On the conclusion is judicial-medical examination, the death occurred due to hypothermia internal organs. On this fact initiated criminal proceedings, is checking the circumstances. About the girl’s disappearance was reported to the police by the headman of the village Rudnya-khochyns’ka 8 Jan. Found her father, the Forester, January 10, ” – told the head a press-services GU of Ukraine in Zhitomir area Alla Vashchenko.

According to Ignatiev, January 8, about four in the morning she went to town Olevsk. Sitting in the bus, she found she had forgotten the purse at home, and are unable to pay 25 hryvnias for journey. After that, the conductor and the driver dropped her at the bus stop in the woods two kilometers from the village of Ambrosia. The girl started walking, deciding to shorten the distance through the woods, got lost and froze to death.

In turn, as written on the page in Facebook the journalist and the Deputy of the Zhytomyr regional Council Olena Galaguza, the carrier argues that “the girl was drunk, got off the bus herself, stuck in the mud, before it had a fight with my parents.”

“According to information from official sources, I was informed that the situation here is ambiguous… There are interesting facts, not mentioned in this article. I’m not going to comment on the situation, but law enforcement officers should assess the incident. I said the girl was drunk, got itself lodged inside his dirt before he quarreled with his parents. If it is brief. More information should be from all sides,” she writes.

In the comments to this information Ignatyev announced new details.

“I talked to her sister. It was Christmas, and the alcohol in the blood may have been present. She went to the hospital and forgot the money. Wanted to give the phone as a Deposit. It was minus 20 and the time was 4 am. She went into the forest and got lost. First, she’s a girl and leave her on the road is dangerous at night even in the summer. There, transport is scarce. Secondly, why such a schedule that in order to travel to the district center need to get up in the middle of the night. Why Olevsky station is not allowed other carriers? Why monopolized the transport of one carrier and not the unit of competition?”, – says the activist.

In the comments he was echoed by the representative of the local branch of the Radical party Vladimir Rabos.

“Had a fight with your parents? And anything that her mother at the same time Olevsky was in the hospital? That morning she was transported to Zhytomyr regional hospital. She came to a stop in the forest, 5 km from the landing site. Although I was going to accompany sick mother to Zhitomir! Where’s Elena, here logic?”, – he wrote.

Moreover, according to Rabasa, the police, the sister of the deceased initially refused to accept the application.

“And then, having taken a second time, suggested by the search for witnesses. Even if you were drunk it is not a person? Stuck in the mud? The dirt you saw? Huddled with a frightened way, got one foot in the beaver pit. It standing with eyes open and found her father more than two days, rather than law enforcement. The elder turned to the police, January 8, the militiamen arrived the 10th at 12.00”, – says a local politician.

It was also revealed another detail of this case. Local radicals on his page in Facebook wrote that under the wheels of this driver has killed two people – a 15-year-old girl and a woman. The information was confirmed by Olena Galaguza.

“The driver actually appears in two fatal accidents (the first, when he was driving his own car, the second in 2014 when he was driving the bus)”, – she wrote.

Official comment from police on this case yet.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that since the beginning of winter in Ukraine from hypothermia suffered 1650 people died in 150.

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