In the Zhytomyr region rescued a pregnant woman from suicide

В Житомирской области спасли беременную от самоубийства

The woman wanted to die by jumping off a bridge

The incident occurred in Olevsk. The woman wanted to jump off a bridge, but the soldiers of the national guard talked her out of it.

In Olevsk, Zhytomyr oblast soldiers of the National guard rescued a pregnant woman from suicide. As reported by the regional police, on the morning of may 12, the national guard noticed the woman who tried to jump off a bridge. Female aggression did not show and after negotiations agreed to give the hands of law enforcement.

“In the course of communication with the rescued it was found that 35-year-old levchenka is in position and due to domestic problems decided to commit suicide. At the scene was caused by the investigative team and the ambulance. Now the saved state see physicians”, – reported in police.

Earlier in the village of Manure Rozhischensky district of Volyn region tried to commit suicide a 40-year-old fighter ATO.


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