In the zone ATO more attacks, wounded soldier – headquarters

В зоне АТО стало больше обстрелов, ранен боец – штаб

In the Donbass regularly violated the truce

Fire in the Donbas have been going on throughout the line of contact.

Units separatists to 18.00 today made 15 attacks on positions of the APU in the Donbass. One soldier was wounded, the press center of staff ATO.

“Units of Russian occupation troops continue to violate the truce, and today the intensity of the fire are not reduced. On the contrary, as of this hour, the number of armed provocations of the enemy have already reached the average level of the past two days”, – States the military.

So, in the coastal areas the truce was broken six times. During the day, from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms were shelled strongholds of the AFU in the area of Pavlopol, Lebedinsky and Hnutove. And near Shirokino, in addition to infantry weapons, used 82-mm mortars.

Six attacks recorded on Donetsk direction. The enemy from the Northern outskirts of Donetsk fired on the positions near Avdiivka, Experienced, Sands, and Nevel. Used grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, small arms, infantry fighting vehicles.

At the direction of Lugansk separatists once opened fire from grenade launchers and heavy machine guns on the APU units near Old Aydar and twice – near the village Yellow.

As reported Корреспондент.netper day 5 July 13 times the separatists opened fire on the fortifications of the Ukrainian military. One soldier was wounded, another combat injury.

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