In the zoo of Nikolaev poisoned the Puma and leopard

В зоопарке Николаева отравили пуму и барса

Director Nikolaev zoo with newborn barsati, whose father was poisoned by the visitors

Zoo Directors is confident that visitors knowingly abandoned an animal poisoned meat.

In Nikolaevsk a zoo of unknown visitors poisoned snow leopard and mountain lion. This was announced by the Director of a zoo Vladimir topchy, informs a portal NikLife. So, with the signs of poisoning died in convulsions the male snow leopard Gaspar, and earlier in the enclosure discovered a dead female Cougar.

“Poisoned leopards. It was deliberately, threw the meat with poison. He died very typical of what happens when poison dogs pills from tuberculosis. Bars died in exactly the same way. Was frothing at the mouth and everything else,” he said.

According to Topchiy, the animal on the eve of his death and before the death was completely healthy. On the scene called the police. Also, the vets did an autopsy to send the contents of the stomach and intestines for examination in the laboratory.

“A 24-th we have a dead Cougar, a young female. We then thought that we are wrong. But she became ill on the eve of 24 August in the afternoon she died. And we also, incidentally, sent the contents of the stomach and intestines in Kiev and in our laboratory. But we didn’t want to believe it. But, unfortunately, it’s true. Yes, we have poisoned animals,” concluded the Director of the Nikolaev zoo.

He recalled that the birth in June three kittens leopards became the event of the year at the zoo of Nikolaev.

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