In Transcarpathia a man burned himself

На Закарпатье мужчина сжег сам себя

Police found no note, no evidence of forced suicide

The causes of the suicide are being investigated by the police.

In Transcarpathian region a man doused himself with flammable mixture and set aflame. He later died in intensive care, reports UNN citing the press-Secretary of the local police Tatiana Shchegoleva.

According to the report, the incident occurred at the weekend in S. Lopuhova Tyachiv district.

“It is now established that a man born in 1967 doused himself with paint thinner and set himself on fire. Medics took him to the intensive care unit of Tyachiv district hospital where he soon died. Yet signs of a criminal offence in this case is not detected. The investigation continues,” — said Shchegolev.

According to her, the police on this fact opened criminal proceedings according to article 120 of the CCU, that is incitement to suicide. However, while law enforcement authorities have no evidence that the arson of a deceased someone encouraged.

In addition, not found a suicide note and explanation in the hospital on the reasons for the act of a man is not allowed.