In Transcarpathia, a woman is missing after falling from the fifth floor media

На Закарпатье женщина пропала после падения с пятого этажа - СМИ

The woman fell from a window after a quarrel in the family

The victim survived the fall and left in an unknown direction.

In Transcarpathia Mukachevo looking for a woman who survived after falling from the fifth floor and went in an unknown direction. It is reported

It is noted that the incident happened on Monday, January 8, outside of Metropolitan Vladimir. It is known that the woman’s family had a quarrel. She opened the window, and then fell down on the balcony of the first floor. The victim not only managed to survive the fall, but fled the scene of an emergency. Looking for her as the police arrived on the scene, and residents of the house.

We will remind, near Kiev, in Vyshgorod from the window on the 18th floor had a six year old girl.