In Transcarpathia block the roads to the Slovakian border

На Закарпатье блокируют дороги к словацкой границе

Residents of two villages after roads in Transcarpathia

Thus inhabitants of the two villages of Uzhgorod district are trying to draw attention to the problems with road repair.

Residents of the New district and Storozhnitsy Transcarpathian region blocked the road to settlements that lead towards the Slovak border. On Friday, August 3. according to Voice of the Carpathians.

It is noted that the reason for the roadblocks was the prolonged repair of the street, which connects the Uzhgorod and nearby villages.

“Residents throughout the year can’t get home and go for a walk with the kids. To repair this cut repeatedly complained and entrepreneurs who carry out their activities”, – stated in the message.

Note, in the last days of the road often overlap in the Odessa region. On 1 August the road between Odessa and Izmail was blocked by local residents who protested against the actions of local authorities, which leased their land.

A day earlier due to similar problems the inhabitants of the Bolgradsky area blocked off two routes: Odessa – Reni and Odessa – the city.

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