In Transcarpathia, dozens of cars blocked the checkpoint

На Закарпатье десятки водителей заблокировали КПП

At a checkpoint at the border with Slovakia protest

At the checkpoint Uzhhorod formed a long queue.

Today, March 9, in the Transcarpathian region a few tens of drivers of cars with foreign registration has blocked the Uzhhorod checkpoint on the border with Slovakia, reports

It is reported that drivers had blocked the checkpoint Uzhhorod, where, according to the requirements of the Customs code, issued techiest cars with foreign registration on the fifth day of stay in Ukraine.

The participants of the blockade dissatisfied with the refusal of customs to consider help from one HUNDRED to delay the technical border crossing

The CBP was formed a long queue. According to the protesters, the blockade is of an indefinite nature, while the customs will not restore the action reference.

While none of the leadership of the CAA and the customs office to protesters did not.

Earlier it was reported that despite the fact that was resumed transit of Ukrainian transport between Ukraine and Russia, social activists and a separate party shares continue to block Russian traffic.