In Transcarpathia drunk driver flew into a group of people

На Закарпатье пьяный водитель влетел в группу людей

In Transcarpathia accident

Ended up in hospital three women.

In Transcarpathia in the village of Centar, on 23 April, a drunk driver hit a group of women who stood on the roadside, according to Nasolili.

It turned out that 28-year-old resident, being drunk behind the wheel the car VAZ-2107, at about 15:00 before I lost control and made arrival on group of women that stood in the village on the side of the road.

As a result of arrival to the hospital with injuries of varying severity were three women aged 20, 43 and 55 years, residents of the villages of Perechyn district.

On this fact initiated criminal proceedings. The car detained into the penalty area Perechyn police.