In Transcarpathia flood wave destroyed the bridge

На Закарпатье паводковая волна разрушила мост

A concrete bridge in the capital collapsed

In Rakhiv on the bridge struck the concrete floor, making passage impossible. However, the emergency portion you can drive around on other streets.

Flood wave formed a powerful downpour that covered Rachel on Friday night, washed away the supports of the bridge across the stream Burkut on the road Rakhiv – kosivs’ka Polyana – kobylets’ka Polyana. In the result the concrete floor of the bridge collapsed, the transport became impossible. On Saturday, August 18, Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal.

“Emergency area you can drive around on other streets, so the buildings blocked as a result of the collapse of the bridge,” he said.

According to Moskal, during the night water from the Central part of Rakhiv subsided, but the streets were a lot of dirt, carried from the mountains, broken branches, etc.

Only been flooded about 50 private houses, ten of them the water went to the living room. Nobody has suffered, destructions of housing no.

Currently working on-site guide Rakhiv district state administration, rescue teams, utilities.

The regional state administration instructed the regional management of civil service on emergency situations in case you need to use for the disaster relief in Rakhiv rescue units from other parts of the region.



We will remind, on the eve of Lviv employees of gschs on hand made more than hundreds of citizens from flooded minibuses and cars.

Earlier it was reported that on the evening of August 17, the lions covered the powerful downpour with hail.


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