In Transcarpathia, the former Atoshnik threw a grenade into a café: there are victims

На Закарпатье бывший АТОшник бросил гранату в кафе: есть пострадавшие

The perpetrator of the incident is not the first incident involving the use of weapons.

In Transcarpathia a demobilized member of the ATO threw in cafe grenade. Severe injuries to a local resident. About this on its website said the head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal.

According to him, the incident occurred in the night of Wednesday, may 17, in the village of Kosovo Polyana.

“After midnight at a local bar sat three local residents, between whom the controversy broke. One of the men, who was drunk and behaved inadequately, was kicked out of the bar. After a few minutes he came back with a fighting grenade RGD and threw it into the open window of the bar. The explosion seriously injured a 26-year-old man. With mine-explosive wounds of both legs and hands he was taken to the district hospital, now wounded do the operation”, – is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the man who threw the grenade, was detained in hot pursuit. This 45-year-old resident of Kosovo Polyana, a member of ATO, which were mobilized into the Armed forces of Ukraine in the summer of 2015, nine months spent in a combat zone, and last year, he was discharged and returned home.

Moskal also said that the detainee is not the first incident involving the use of weapons. In 1990, as a soldier of the Soviet army, he from his service weapon and shot the guard (killed several people), for which he served 10 years in prison. Now the detainee is in police custody.

As reported Корреспондент.netin April in Vinnitsa, in a grenade explosion near the House of culture killed 20-year-old the soldiers of the local military unit and injured three of his friends.