In Transcarpathia, the smugglers fled from the guards

На Закарпатье контрабандисты сбежали от пограничников

Border guards discovered a large shipment of cigarettes

Border guards received information about the impending smuggle contraband, however, to detain criminals failed.

In the night of Friday, October 12, officers of Mukachevo border guard detachment discovered the smugglers, who were transported to Hungary through the water channel of the cigarette. At the sight of the guards, the smugglers fled, the press service of Mukachevo border detachment.

It is noted that the border guards received information that the smugglers are going to move across the border a large shipment of cigarettes through the section of the branch Forks.

At verification of received information, the border guards saw the group of men. The smugglers were trying to smuggle cigarettes across the water channel Botar in Hungary. Seeing the guards, they ran away, and the cigarettes left in place.

“In the course of their prosecution, the police carried out two warning shots, but to detain the attackers failed”, – stated in the message.

Border guard officers found 26 boxes which was 13 000 packs of cigarettes.

Cigarettes delivered to the Department of the Forks and are subsequently transferred to the employees of DFS. The smugglers wanted.


Earlier in Transcarpathia seized more than a ton of amber. According to preliminary estimates, the value of the seized stone prices on the black market is about a million dollars.

Before that in Hungary, the law enforcers chased through the woods for the Ukrainian smuggler.

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