In Transcarpathia, the smugglers were shooting

На Закарпатье контрабандисты устроили перестрелку

Due to clashes with smugglers on foot raised security forces of Transcarpathia

During the clashes four people were injured, one in serious condition.

The conflict between two groups of men for a showdown with cigarette smuggling on the border between the Transcarpathian region and Romania escalated into a shooting, injuring four people, said the Governor Gennady Moskal.

According to him, on the outskirts of the village of nyzhnya Apsha, at the gas station a group of residents of Mukacheve (including those previously convicted) tried to find out the relationship with the residents of Tyachiv district involved in the smuggling of cigarettes through the “greenery” from Ukraine to Romania.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the conflict is in the debt for supplied cigarettes, which smugglers Tyachiv district received from Mukachevo, but did not pay for them, as lost goods during transportation through border.

According to Moskal, the first between the two groups there was a verbal altercation that escalated into a fight. Then one of the locals pulled a gun and opened fire indiscriminately at the visitors. In all there were more than 20 bullets.

“As a result, four men from Mukachevo aged 22 to 36 years old received gunshot wounds of varying severity. All of them are now in hospital, the condition of one is serious”, – stated in the message.

Immediately after the shooting was lifted to his feet, the entire staff of the Transcarpathian police, including commandos, put mobile posts in the district of Khust and Tyachiv. Previously, the disassembly was involved up to 10 people.

In the area of the ATO was not allowed smuggling 56 million

Commenting on the incident, the Russian noted that the situation with contraband worsens the poor performance of both Ukrainian and Romanian border guards, guarding the “green border” on this site and trying to cash in on the cigarettes.

According to him, the Directorate of the National police in the Transcarpathian region have been instructed in a short time to detain all participants of the shooting. “One of the representatives of the “Tyachiv group” – the acting Deputy of Tyachiv district Council from the “United center”, – said Moskal.

Earlier in August, in Mukachevo district, on the border with Hungary found hang-gliding smugglers, hidden in the corn.