In Transcarpathia traffic jams due to snow – mass media

На Закарпатье транспортный коллапс из-за снегопада - СМИ

On the roads of Transcarpathian region complicated journey

Drivers report that the roads are generally not cleaned, in some places the snow depth reaches 25 cm In the same time in gschs claim 64 cars, clearing the street.

On most major roads in Zakarpattia region on Monday, January 14, passage very difficult because of snow, reports Мукачево.net.

Some sections of the route Kyiv-Chop, how to write the drivers in social networks, the road do not Cesena. The same situation with roads in area of Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and Beregovo. At the same time, irshavschiny the road cleared a bit.

“The road from Uzhgorod to Mukachevo not been cleaned. Drove for nearly an hour. On the right lane in nyzhnje Solotvyno 25 cm of snow. No technology in this area has not seen. No special machines (…). This is despite the fact that the heads of regional services, not long ago, the reprimands he received – wrote the Transcarpathian journalist Vitaly Verb in Facebook.

At the same time, in the management of DSNs say that the Oblavtodor on the roads running 64 units and 64 personnel. The situation in the region controlled passes, transportation provided.


Earlier in Uzhgorod filmed skier”shapera”. The man attached himself to the rope to the car and so was skiing.

On the eve of Ukravtodor reported that the passage is provided on all routes.

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