In Transcarpathia two Ukrainians will be judged for provocation in Hungarian

На Закарпатье двух украинцев будут судить за провокации на венгерском языке

They are accused of causing damage to Ukraine’s information security.

In Uzhgorod city district court directed the indictment against the two Ukrainians accused of treason for the establishment in Transcarpathia the campaign stelae in the Hungarian language.

They are suspected of committing treason, i.e. an act intentionally committed a Ukrainian citizen to the detriment of Ukraine’s information security by providing foreign state, foreign organization or their representatives, in conducting subversive activities.

“We are talking about establishment and further staged the destruction of campaign stelae in the territory of Berehove and Vynohradiv districts of the Transcarpathian region with inscriptions in Hungarian: “Berehove district. Land of the Hungarian language and the Hungarians are welcome in Vynohradiv district” for the purpose of further illumination of the specified action in the Russian media, in a provocative way, in the interests of increasing the tension in the region, making a false representation on discrimination and the infringement of the Hungarian-speaking population of the Transcarpathian region”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

Ukrainians be punished with imprisonment for the term from twelve up to fifteen years with confiscation of property or without it.

We will remind that the adviser to the interior Minister Zoran Shkiryak reported about the involvement of Russian special services to the exacerbation of the situation in Transcarpathia. In his opinion, the Russian curators have its adherents in the Transcarpathian Hungarian community.