In Tunisia, stuck hundreds of tourists from Ukraine

В Тунисе застряли сотни туристов из Украины

The tour operator and the carrier blame each other for the problem

Part of the Ukrainians remains at the airport of Monastir, another group of tourists were brought to the hotel in Sousse.

From Monastir airport in Tunisia for a second day can not fly to Kharkov about 300 Ukrainian tourists. About it reports TSN with reference to tourists Sunday, 29 June.

Passengers claim that the airline Bravo Airways and the tour operator-Oasis Travel, in the person of the host company Insight Holidays do not fulfill their obligations for the return of citizens of Ukraine home.

According to the information of the tourists remain at the airport Monastir without information about the planned departure. Another group of tourists who were supposed to fly to Kiev at 07:35 on 28 June, was brought to the hotel in Sousse.

“Do not promise anything. Say who or what someone promises a departure, some say the departure will not,” say the tourists.

In the Consulate of Ukraine in Tunisia, the newspaper reported that the cause of flight delays – lack of fuel for refueling aircraft. According to the office, the tour operator must resolve the situation within a few hours.

“The Consulate deals with this problem. The tour operator promises to solve this problem for a few hours, but detailed information will be announced later”, – said the representative office.

Previously the airline Bravo Airways announced that flights that must be met on 27 June in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkov to Monastir (BAY7371, BAY7372, BAY7375, BAY7376, BAY7377, BAY7378, BAY7373, BAY7374), was cancelled for lack of payment flights by the tour operator Oasis Travel.

“Airline Bravo has all the technical capabilities to perform these flights. According to the agreement signed between the airline and Bravo tour operator Oasis, the customer must pay the bill prior to the flight, and pay all airport fees and taxes upon execution of the flight”, – have noted in airline.

According to the carrier, now Oasis tour operator had not fulfilled their financial obligations to Bravo Airways for nine flights.

“For all questions regarding the cancellation of these flights, the receipt of the payment, please contact the tour operator Oasis,” reads the message of the airline.

At the same time the tour operator Oasis Travel have put forward counter-accusations of delay of flights the carrier Bravo Airways.

“Bravo Airways, the airline has a debt to the airports of Tunis and has no funds to pay for planting, maintenance, and takeoff of flights in airports of the Republic of Tunisia and probably, therefore, refused to comply with them on 27 June,” – said in a statement, Oasis Travel.

Last week it was reported that in the capital airport Kiev (Zhulyany) is stuck almost 100 tourists who could not fly to Tunisia flights Bravo Airways from Kyiv, Kharkov and Zaporozhye.