In Turecka robbed the Church

В Торецке обокрали церковь

Stolen Church utensils

The attacker was caught at the bus station with the stolen goods. The man was planning to resell them.

In Toreck unknown thief entered the temple and stole the Church vessels. It is reported Bakhmut police Department in Donetsk region on Friday, 8 February.

The theft was reported by the rector of the Church. At the scene left investigative team.

“The police interviewed all possible witnesses of the incident and at the same time began to conduct a complex of investigative and operational activities aimed at finding a suspect. Simultaneously, controls were tightened at all railway stations”, – stated in the message.

After some time, the precinct at the bus station, was arrested a suspect – 39-year-old resident of the village of Iron. He said that he stole the Church’s inventory, which planned to resell. Church utensils seized.

This fact excited criminal case under the article about the theft (part 1 of article 185 of the criminal code of Ukraine). To the man threatens till three years of prison.

Earlier in the Desnyansky district of Kiev, the con man in the robe was stolen from the Church. He took from the temple incense, the incense and the gospel. The man was detained.

It was also reported that the staff of the chuguiv police Department detained 37-the summer man who stole nine icons from the Church.

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