In Turkey, the military said 104 about the destruction of ISIL militants

В Турции военные заявили об уничтожении 104 боевиков ИГИЛ

Turkish and U.S.-led coalition forces in response to attacks on the southern border of the Turkish province of Kilis destroyed 104 of the militant “Islamic state” in Northern Syria, reports Daily Sabah.

“The Turkish military fired on ISIL with artillery and rocket launchers, and warplanes of the US-led coalition conducted a separate air campaign,” military sources said.

As a result of attacks and airstrikes have destroyed 7 buildings and four missile launchers of the terrorists.

The border town of Kilis is on the southern border of Turkey with the part of Syria controlled by ISIS (6 km from the Syrian border).

In recent weeks, the city often came under rocket fire. On Friday in Syria were fired three missiles, five people were injured.

In the province of Kilis, according to the confirmation of the local Governor, as a result of rocket attacks have killed 20 and injured about 70 people.

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As reported, the Pentagon has no plans for joint operations with Russia against ISIS.

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