In Uganda, clashes erupted between rebels and security forces, more than fifty people died

В Уганде вспыхнули столкновения между повстанцами и силовиками, более полусотни человек погибли

Clashes in Uganda, 26 Nov 2016.

In Uganda, clashes erupted between the country’s security forces and members of an armed group seeking the independence of their region, AFP reports.

According to the report, rebels from the region on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo attacked the security forces yesterday morning.

According to the representative of the army, the attackers threw a grenade at the soldiers, they opened fire in response.

During the clashes more than fifty people were killed, in particular 14 police officers and 41 rebel.

The police also arrested local king Charles Wesley Mumbere, whom authorities accuse of inciting violence.

The king denies any links with armed rebels.

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In addition, during a RAID on the Royal Palace was detained several armed militants.

Recall the Kingdom in Kasese traditionally tense relations with the Central government of Uganda and neighbouring, larger, Kingdom of Toro.

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