In UGS of Ukraine has 14 billion cubic meters of gas

В ПХГ Украины осталось 14 млрд кубов газа

Gas reserves in UGS of Ukraine sharply reduced

In Ukraine for the day arrived from Europe more than 14 million cubic meters of gas and were selected from the vaults of 72 million cubic meters.

The volume of gas in underground storages of Ukraine as of December 29, declined to 14,027 billion cubic meters this is evidenced by the operational data of the Ukrtransgaz Monday, December 31.

For the past day, gas in underground storage facilities of Ukraine’s gas was re-injected. However, storages were selected more than 72 million cubic meters of gas.

Thus in these it is specified that in Ukraine for the day, there were 14,64 million cubic meters of gas from Slovakia – 7.32 million cubic meters, from Hungary – 7,32. Poland gas is not received. While gas production amounted to 59.2 million cubic meters of gas.

In General, the Ukrainian UGS filled at 46% with a total active capacity of about 31 billion cubic meters.

Recall now the Ukraine’s gas reserves lower than last year due to colder winters. 7 November-24 December, Ukraine has selected from underground storages 2 billion 799,02 million cubic meters of gas (16.3 per cent). UGS is 14 billion 395,94 million cubic meters.

It was also reported that during the heating season may have difficulties purchasing gas, as Naftogaz will begin in 2019 with a minimum balance of funds in the accounts.

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