In Ukraine abolished the Prison service

В Украине ликвидировали Пенитенциарную службу

Prison service eliminated

Its powers transferred to the Ministry of justice.

Wednesday, may 18, the Cabinet abolished the Prison service and transferred its powers to the Ministry of justice. The relevant decision at the government meeting adopted unanimously.

As stressed by first Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Sevastyanova, 75 years have not changed the standards of performance of punishments, most agencies – they are not even Soviet, they tsarist times.”

“More than 150 years today, the institutions where our prisoners today are serving sentences. This is the biggest legacy of the Soviet Union left us as an independent country”, – quotes its Ukrainian Pravda.

Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko called on government members to support reform: “we are Talking about the fate of almost 80 thousand people who are now behind bars, we are talking about the fate of those people who guard them, because the conditions in the colonies are such that… you Know, there is a saying: the one who protects and the one who there is behind a lattice – in fact, sitting together in prison. It’s just different sides of the wall”.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine will reform detention centres, within which all the buildings of the prison stand outside the cities.