In Ukraine accelerated the fall of prices on autogas

В Украине ускорилось падение цен на автогаз

At the gas station accelerated the decline of prices on autogas

On the market surplus: retail prices for LPG are falling behind wholesale. Some operators have reduced the cost of LPG by 20-40 kopecks./l.

On the Ukrainian gas stations over the weekend, the average price of LPG decreased by 16 kopecks./l to 12.65 UAH/liter, some operators have reduced the prices by 20-40 kopecks./l. this was announced by enkorr to the Consulting group A-95.

A network of Private, which increased the number of gas modules to 514 units, has lowered prices by an average of 30-36 liter to 12.17–12,27 UAH/L. In the Kiev station avias, Ukrnafta ANP and keep prices at a level of 12.40 UAH/liter, the lowest price on the web Privat traditionally recorded in Vinnytsia region – 11, 35 UAH/l.

Stations OKKO and WOG price on stelae (excluding loyalty programmes) has decreased by 8-17 kopecks./l to 13.02-of 13.03 UAH/liter.

38 kopecks./l reduced the price of Amic, 25 kopecks./l network Sun Oil. Gas is cheaper in regional networks: capital KLO lowered the price by 20 kopecks./l, the Kharkov network of Rod-and Nick Marshal – by 10 kopecks/liter.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine introduces special duties on the import of Russian diesel fuel and liquefied gas. The authorities assured that this decision will not affect retail prices at filling stations.


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