In Ukraine adopted two basic laws in the sphere of culture, like “porobleno”

В Украине не приняты два основных закона в сфере культуры, им как будто "пороблено"

Ukrainian show-business globally turned towards Europe

The most important change – there were many new young music. It’s still not the same quality as we would like. But in two years we turned his direction. Of course, there is a certain part of show business, which still looks to Moscow and writes in boiling water to be there. But globally the Ukrainian show business turned in the direction of Europe. They have more tours in Europe, America, the Diaspora, we are given the opportunity to develop in this direction, help from the other side. I think this is very important. And there would be this situation show business would look there too.

We have not adopted two main laws in Parliament they are not wanted

In our country adopted two basic laws, which are accepted even in Russia. The first law On sponsorship and Mecenate” and the second law “On copyright”. As soon as these two laws will be, although they are in Parliament is useless, we still hope that sooner or later this will happen.

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Now Eugene rybczynski took the baton. Tried to break Vakarchuk and Ruslana at the time. Povaliy was not engaged. From Bilozir it did not work. Now copyright law does rybczynski.

The drafts of these laws are, but at some point they “porobleno”.

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