In Ukraine allowed preditory heat metering for apartments

В Украине разрешили порадиаторный учет тепла для квартир

Payment setup accounting system with radiator meters will be conducted by the apartment owners

Accounting system with radiator meters will only be in those homes where they will set more than 50% of the residents.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decree which regulates the installation of devices-distributors of thermal energy in apartments where vertical piping is impossible to install individual heat meters.

This was reported by the press service of the government on Wednesday, October 10.

Previously, individual apartment heat metering was only available for residents of houses with a horizontal heating system, while residents of older homes with vertical distributing forced to pay for the amount that consumes the entire building. Data house counter in this case are divided in proportion to the area at all.

“From now on, home owners who install meters (in the horizontal wiring of engineering networks in the house) or devices-valves on heating appliances (for vertical layout) will be able to adjust the temperature in their apartments, to save heat and to pay only the meter, not over-careless neighbor. The surcharge is to be heated only for common places of use and support facilities in area of their apartment. This pan-European practice”, – said Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko.

It is noted that the accounting system using the radiator counters will only be in those homes where they will set more than 50% of the residents. Payment for the installation of such a system at the expense of the owners.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet amended the rules for the installation of house meters. Novvovedenie imposed additional obligations on companies that supply water or heat.

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