In Ukraine announced the superiority of the su-27 over F-15

В Украине заявили о превосходстве Су-27 над F-15

Ukraine continues large-scale asiaoceania clear sky

During asiaoceania held test competitions in which Ukrainian fighters showed good results in the us.

In a dogfight at a distance of 1 to 1.5 kilometers of Ukrainian su-27 aircraft APU due to the greater maneuverability and mechanization proved to be the best F-15C Eagle of the National Guard of the United States. Video of exercises Clear Sky 2018 published Military television of Ukraine.

Tests involved groups of 4-5 planes on both sides. From Ukraine to the battles it was involved in seven units of su-27М1/UBM, United States was represented by six cars F-15C Eagle.

According to legend, during the exercise the aircraft was shot down and the special forces had to rescue the surviving crew.

Watch from 9:40

International military exercises clear sky will run in Ukraine from 8 to 19 October. Recall that the participation of the US army, Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

The exercises will be the most ambitious in the years of independence of Ukraine. In them will take part more than 40 aircraft, and dozens of antiaircraft missile systems, hundreds of soldiers


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