In Ukraine appeared the drones are solar powered

В Украине появились дроны на солнечных батареях

Ukraine’s first drone is solar powered

Unmanned drone-type aircraft powered by solar energy and has a stock of flight up to eight hours.

In Ukraine appeared the first solar-powered drones. Three-meter aircraft can be used for agricultural purposes, and surveillance cameras.

The drone is able to scan up to 20 hectares of the earth’s surface in a single flight. This information appeared on the website

On the eve of China has developed space microracer

In the future, the device will be able to relay signals for long-term monitoring at high altitudes. This model is the result of the international project of Swiss and Ukrainian experts supported by the International space Agency.

The drone has a 3-metre wingspan fitted with a solar panel. The device is assembled on the platform of Swiss technology ETH Zurich. To launch such an aircraft using the catapult or by hand.

Earlier, China successfully tested an unmanned helicopter

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