In Ukraine before the end of the year to introduce electronic sick – Suprun

В Украине до конца года введут электронные больничные - Супрун

Suprun told how Ukraine will change hospital

This will stop a large number of corruption schemes in this sphere, said the acting Minister of health.

Until the end of 2019 in Ukraine will be e-hospital. About it said acting Minister of health Suprun in an interview with Radio Liberty, published on Saturday, March 23.

“By the end of this year will be electronic hospital. There is a very large corruption schemes, which occur with hospital. And we already have a pilot program for the electronic medical record. Where the patient goes to the doctor, and instead write medical history on paper, everything is now in the eHealth,” said Suprun.

According to her, the electronic system will help to solve the problems of corruption.

“The hospital will receive from their family doctors, those doctors who treat us. The doctor will be responsible for his or her electronic signature on this hospital. How come in a hospital or at home, and that person is not there, it is not only this man, but the doctor who gave. And when will the professional licensing of doctors will be a way to punish the doctor, you can even take away the license,” said Suprun.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine will create an electronic registry of the hospital.

In Ukraine began anew to accrue sick leave


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