In Ukraine blocked the channel of delivery of amphetamine from China

В Украине перекрыли канал поставки амфетамина из Китая

The Prosecutor’s office and the SBU blocked the channel of deliveries to Ukraine of amphetamine from China

During the searches seized more than 4.5 kg of narcotic substances.

Prosecutors Odessa region and management of the security service of Ukraine in Odessa region blocked the channel of deliveries to Ukraine of amphetamine.

According to the press service of the regional Prosecutor’s office, the drug was delivered from China.

During searches militiamen found and withdrew more than 4.5 kg of narcotic substances from storage facilities at the village vanguard (Odessa region) in actual use of people from China.

At present the regional Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region performs procedural management in criminal proceedings under part 3 St. 305 (smuggling of narcotic drugs) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

According to the report, the pre-trial investigation on this fact continues.

Previously one of the ways the Kyiv train station security officers found seven bags of an unknown substance of green color. According to experts, in the bag was contraband drug, in the use which man for several minutes, experiencing a state of euphoria.

In Kiev closed drug lab