In Ukraine can rise in price alcohol and cigarettes

В Украине могут подорожать алкоголь и сигареты

In Ukraine for the second time in a year can increase the price of alcohol

The Cabinet sent to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to raise the excise duty on cigarettes, beer and alcohol.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine wants to raise the excise duty on cigarettes, beer and alcohol, report Ukrainian news. According to the Agency, the Cabinet has already agreed and passed to the Verkhovna Rada a bill.

In particular, excise tax per liter of alcohol plan to increase 126,96 from UAH to UAH 141,18 with cigarettes – 445,56 UAH per thousand pieces to UAH 495,46/thousand pieces of raw tobacco and waste tobacco substitutes, homogenized tobacco, tobacco extracts and essences, cigars and cigarillos – 559,78 to 622,48 UAH/kg.

The excise tax on beer is offered to increase from 2.78 UAH/l to 3.09 UAH/liter, fortified wine and vermouth – from 8.02 to 8.92 UAH/liter, sparkling wine – from 11.65 to 12.95 UAH/liter, cider, Perry and other fermented beverages – from 129,96 to 141,18 UAH per liter of pure alcohol, cider and peri without the addition of alcohol from 1.06 to 1.18 UAH/liter beverage. With regard to products with ethanol content of 8.5% or more, the excise tax they want to raise with 169,27 to 188,23 UAH/liter.

Excise duty on wine remains unchanged – 0.01 UAH.

Recall that in recent times the prices of alcohol in Ukraine was increased on March 1 of the current year. The price increase was planned in the end of last year, when the Verkhovna Rada raised the excise duty on alcohol products.