In Ukraine, car production increased by 73%

В Украине производство автомобилей выросло на 73%

Plants of Ukraine produced 725 cars in June

Six months in Ukraine released more than 3 thousand cars.

Production of vehicles in Ukraine in January-June this year compared with the same period in 2016 rose by 72.8% to 3,621 thousand units. It is reported by Ukrautoprom Association.

In particular, the production of passenger cars increased by 88.3 per cent to 3,078 thousand pieces. Production of commercial vehicles declined relative to last year at 49.3 percent to 206 units, and buses increased more than five times – up to 337 units.

In June of this year at the plants of Ukraine was released 835 vehicles that 95.1 per cent higher than last June and 15.7% more than in may of this year.

In the total volume of car production the majority of them were passenger cars, whose production in June compared to June last year grew by 108.9 per cent – up to 725 pieces.

According to the Association, in June, it produced 67 buses, or 34% more than in may of this year and 11 times higher than the result of June 2016. It was also released 43 truck that is 4.3 times exceeds the indicator of may of this year, but at least 42.7% less than in June 2016.

In the Ukravtoprom note that AvtoKrAZ inexplicably refuses to disclose information on volumes of production of cars since August last year.

As reported Корреспондент.netfor the five months of 2017 in Ukraine increased by one third, the new car market – up to 29.5 thousand units.

The market electric vehicles in Ukraine increased three times.

Sales of used cars grew by 20 times