In Ukraine changed the rules for foreign remittances

В Украине изменили правила зарубежных денежных переводов

National Bank has simplified the rules of money transfer from abroad

Changes made to create the opportunity for the application of paperless technologies in the financial services market and to expand the circle of participants in this market, at the box office which may be issued transfer from abroad.

The national Bank of Ukraine introduced changes to Rules of execution outside Ukraine and in Ukraine of transfers of physical persons on the current currency non-commercial operations and their payment in Ukraine. The decree, which takes effect from Tuesday, June 12, published on the NBU website.

So, the banks and their clients are given the opportunity to use modern communication technology Paperless during translation of foreign currency. Bank customers will be able to submit electronic copies of supporting documents for the implementation of foreign currency transfers outside Ukraine from current accounts in foreign currency. And the banks will be able to create electronic copies of supporting documents submitted by individuals for transfer in paper form, for further storage.

Also, individuals will have the opportunity through the international payment system to initiate the torque transfer in foreign currency outside of Ukraine, and also by the decision of the sender from abroad in foreign currency, to such a transfer in Ukraine in national currency (i.e. in currencies other than the currency of its initiation).

Earlier, the national Bank predicted how many workers will transfer to Ukraine.

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