In Ukraine cheaper meat

В Украине подешевело мясо

In the first two weeks of June the price of all types of meat in Ukraine fell. At the same time, grew some vegetables.

In June, all types of meat in Ukraine fell, according to the Inflation barometer.

Most cheaper beef – by 4.24%, to 118,9 UAH per kilogram. Almost the same amount has fallen in price chicken – by 4.21%, to 93.6 UAH per kg. At the same time, pork prices dropped only by 2.82% to 104,4 UAH per kg.

Also significantly cheaper wheat bread – by 7.54%, to 26.4 UAH.

Slightly cheaper eggs – by 0.5% to UAH 34,2 per dozen with sour cream, 2.9%, to 55.3.

At the same time, there has been a significant rise in prices of some vegetables: carrots rose by 56,16% to 27.8 UAH per kg, beet – by 9.28% to 13.9 UAH per kg, onions – 18, 61% to 8.3 UAH per kg.

Also by 5.85% more expensive sugar. Its average value was 15.9 per kg.

We will remind, in April, rose milk, bread, pork. At the same time fell beef and chicken.

Earlier in Ukraine experienced a decline in the prices of eggs, chicken and buckwheat.


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