In Ukraine continues to grow, the debt on wages

В Украине продолжает расти задолженность по зарплатам

Wage arrears are growing

In July, the debts grew by almost 80 million.

Since the beginning of year the debt on zarplatu in Ukraine increased by 8.8% and by August 1, amounted to 2,046 billion, according to the state Statistics service.

So, in July, the debt increased by 4.0% (UAH 78.6 mln).

According to state statistics, the amount of arrears of wages of economically active enterprises increased in July by 5.5%, or 71.1 million UAH, and on 1 August 1.360 billion.

More than half of the debt formed in Luhansk (23,8%), Donetsk (20.6%) and Kharkiv (10.1%) regions.

As a statistical Agency reports, the increase in wages in the last month was recorded in Volyn (28.9%), Kherson (19.1%), Ternopil (by 16.1%), Donetsk (9.5%), Luhansk (6.9%), Mykolaiv (by 6.4%), Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv (5.9%%), Ivano-Frankivsk (5.7%), Cherkasy (by 5.6%).

According to the state statistics service, on August 1, 2016, the major share of the total debt was accounted for by industry (74.2 percent), transport, warehousing, post and courier activities (9.5 per cent).

Earlier it was reported that 60% of rabotodatelei Ukraine keep wages in the “shadow”.