In Ukraine, fell the sale of gasoline

В Украине упали продажи бензина

Sales of gasoline and diesel fuel fell by 16-18%.

Through filling stations in Ukraine in November 2016 were sold 126,6 thousand tons of gasoline, which is 15.7% less than the same period last year. Such data excluding the occupied Crimea and the ATO area published by the State statistics service (gosstat) on Monday, December 26.

Retail sales of diesel fuel decreased by 18% to 95.9 thousand tons, compressed gas – by 12.1%, to 5.4 thousand tons. At the same time sales of liquefied natural gas in November increased by 4.1% to 50.5 thousand tons.

The total value realized at the pump of gasoline in November of this year reached 3.86 billion hryvnia, diesel fuel – by 2.3 billion, liquefied natural gas – 1.08 billion and a compressed gas – 110,2 million.

Note, according to “Consulting group A-95”, over the weekend the largest operators of filling stations raised fuel prices by 40-50 cents. So, prices rose in the networks WOG, OKKO, SOCAR, UPG, KLO. Do not stay aside and the largest operator in the retail market, the group “Privat”, raising the prices of gas stations under the brand “avias”, “Maveks”, ANP and “Ukrnafta”.

Earlier it was reported that the state Reserve, the Ministry of energy, civil service statistics and representatives of the European energy community are going to create a state reserve of fuel and the price of fuel may include a new fee.