In Ukraine for the first time in eight years, recorded bird flu

В Украине впервые за восемь лет зафиксировали птичий грипп

Ukraine recorded a case of avian flu

The experts approved the plan to eliminate the disease and have undertaken the localization.

In households novooleksandrivka village, Kherson region recorded a case of avian flu, according to the state service for food safety and consumer protection.

In total, this village is about 4.5 thousand heads of poultry of different species. Now experts have endorsed a plan to eliminate the disease and began actions to contain and prevent the spread of the causative agent of avian influenza.

Note that this is the first case of bird flu in Ukraine over the last eight years.

Avian influenza – an acute infectious viral disease of birds, characterized by high mortality. It otesat to particularly dangerous diseases that can cause great economic damage.

For example, this month in the Netherlands destroyed 200 thousand ducks because of avian influenza, and in Japan will destroy more than 300 thousand birds.