In Ukraine for the year has not allowed more than 200 books from Russia

В Украину за год не пустили более 200 книг из России

Since the beginning of the year, the Committee was allowed to import to Ukraine about 9,000 items of printing products. At the same time 221 the book was refused.

The state Committee of television and broadcasting at the beginning of the year issued 221 refusal to import printing products in Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation. This was stated by the head of the state Committee Oleg Nalivaiko today, January 30, during a meeting of the Board of the Ministry, UKRINFORM reported.

“In conditions of information war the state has no right to close their eyes to the dominance of the Russian publishing products, which threatens national security. As of 1 January 2018, entities have received permission to import almost 9 thousand kinds of printing products. At the same time, Dan 221 refusal. Of them 21 on the basis of the negative conclusions of the expert Council of the state Committee in connection with the discrepancy of publications to the evaluation criteria of printing products, which are allowed on the territory of Ukraine,” – said Nalyvaichenko.

This relatively small number of failures, according to him, due to the fact that the vast majority of business entities responsible attitude to the requirements of the state Committee.

Among the publications that have received permission to import, dominated by world, European and Russian classics, world bestsellers and children’s literature.

According to Nalyvaichenko, the introduction of the permit system not only prevents the promotion of the aggressor state, but also creates new opportunities for the development of the domestic book market, meet the demand for conversion, reference and scientific literature.

We will remind, the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting refused to issue a permit for import to Ukraine of 25 published in the Russian Federation in 2015-2017 books on the basis of negative conclusion of the expert Council for analysis and evaluation of printed products.