In Ukraine found the Parking lot, where 15 thousand years

В Украине нашли стоянку, которой 15 тысяч лет

Exactly was found in the Parking lot of the Paleolithic period

The excavation site was discovered old tools and production waste, as well as jewelry

Close to Exactly in the tract Bermacam Ukrainian and German archaeologists have found Parking of the Paleolithic period. Its age is nearly 15 thousand years. This was reported by the TV station UA: Rune.

According to the Director of the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Viktor Chubay, excavations have revealed the tips for throwing that ancient people hunted animals, mostly on reindeer.

Also find silicon instruments of labour, ornaments of shells and instruments of production.

Until the end of August in the area will continue excavations. At the same time to explore the area are going for over two years.

Discovered at the site, the artifacts will be transferred to after studying in the Rivne regional Museum.

Earlier it was reported that archaeologists found in the ancient Greek colony of Olbia valuable artifacts.

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