In Ukraine has created a Handbook for participants of peaceful actions

В Украине создали пособие для участников мирных акций

Participants of the presentation in Kiev

The right to freedom of peaceful Assembly is an essential element of a democratic society, said the Deputy head of mission of the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine Pamela Tremont.

In Kiev took place the presentation of the Handbook for those Ukrainians who are planning to go on a peaceful rally. It is reported UKRINFORM on Tuesday, March 12.

It is noted that allowance is made in the form of a booklet. It will be the beginning of an information campaign aimed at informing participants of peaceful assemblies about their rights.

“This booklet is not just important, it is necessary just to make all clearly understood that even if there is no law, that is, first regulations, and secondly there is legislation that you can do during peaceful protests, and what not to do, what you can bring to the meeting, and what is not” – said MP Mustafa Nayem.

According to him, in the current climate of Ukraine is very important to know “what to do if you are detained, you have rights that you may require, how many you can keep and what you don’t have to answer.”

“This is all spelled out in this booklet, and I really hope he becomes a guide for those people who will go to peaceful protest,” – said the MP.

During the presentation the Deputy head of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Pamela Tremont recalled that the right to freedom of peaceful Assembly is an essential element of a democratic society because it is considered so only when its citizens can criticize the government’s actions.

“I hope that this law will be used to contribute to public discussions of various issues. If people don’t agree with something, then they can peacefully Express their disagreement without resorting to violence,” she said.

Over the next weeks will appear the website on which you will have access to all information within the campaign, and the full version of the brochure is available now at the link.

Earlier on Tuesday, March 12, activists of the nationalist organization Tradition and order poured blood and pasted over with stickers the entrance to the building of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine. Thus they protested against the concealment of leadership, the NAB theft in the defense industry.

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