In Ukraine I found the most polite marshrutchik

В Украине нашли самого вежливого маршрутчика

The man had been a driver from a local official

The driver is lavish with his compliments and helps to bring bags.

The most polite bus driver in Ukraine named a resident of Shepetovka in Khmelnitsky region. 52-year-old man greets each passenger, is lavish with his compliments to women and helps to bring bags to grandmothers, according to TSN.

Driver Alexander Lahai has been running for five years, and before that he was the personal driver of a local official.

At work a man comes in ironed shirt and always shaven.

“From the first day I say to everyone “Good day, good health and wish you a good day,” Alexander says.

To the passengers, the driver treats it as a Princess or a lady. Passengers admit that sometimes they miss another vehicle to ride with your favorite driver.

Recall that the majority of drivers of minibuses not so kind. For example, in Kiev there was a fight between the ATO and the driver of the bus.

And in Kiev the driver of the bus cut up with a knife volunteer ATO.