In Ukraine imposed restrictions on drones

В Украине ввели ограничения для беспилотников

Flights should be performed only by day, it is forbidden to fly over the guarded objects defined by security forces.

The state aviation service has set restrictions on flights of remotely piloted aircraft weighing up to two kilograms. This was announced by attorney Masi Nayem in Facebook, referring to the published Interim arrangements for the use of airspace of Ukraine.

According to the rules, the flights of such courts may be made without obtaining permits and inform various departmental authorities, but there will be a number of conditions.

In particular, flights should be performed only by day, it is forbidden to fly over the guarded objects, defined, defense Ministry, interior Ministry, border service, security service, Nicoletia, National guard, HUGO, and other military and law enforcement.

RPA also can’t fly over state roads, industrial zones, power plants, railway stations, sea ports, storage of fuel, oil, gas, other hazardous substances and liquids, etc.

The Central streets of cities, towns, and villages, and Railways of state and regional significance and power lines can be crossed, but not fly over them.

Banned drone flights over the correctional centres and prison colonies.

The document also States about the prohibition of flights over the “other important state and potentially dangerous objects,” but any clarifications are given.

According to the interim order, on all of these sites, it is possible to fly, having received permission from the relevant authority, owner, administrations, etc.

The ban also applies to places of accidents and catastrophes, areas of police, ATO, and special operations zones “are defined for the security of persons subject to state protection”.

The procedure also determines the maximum flight speed of drones – 160 km/h; altitude – 50 metres; the distance from the pilot – not more than 500 meters; the distance from other people – not closer than 30 meters (under 12 years – no closer than 50 metres, for groups of more than 12 people – no closer than 150 metres);

It is noted that now the flight of the RPA should be stopped at the request of law enforcement or the military forces if they believe that the ship “threatens the interests of national security or the safety of others.” Also, the pilot shall, upon request, to give the law enforcement bodies “removed from the air material for its expertise,” he says.

Earlier in Belarus last call a first-grader was replaced by a drone.


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