In Ukraine increased inflation

В Украине выросла инфляция

Ukrainian currency gets thinner

Compared with June last year, prices rose by 15.6%.

Prices in the consumer market in June compared with the previous month increased by 1.6% since the beginning of the year – by 7.9%, according to the State statistics service of Ukraine.

Compared with June last year, prices rose by 15.6%.

According to the Agency, in the consumer market in June, prices for foodstuffs and soft drinks grew by 3.3%.

The most (by 18.3 13.5 percent), the prices of eggs, vegetables and fruit. 4.1% and 0.8% increase in prices for meat and meat products, lard, rice, bread. At the same time, at 4-0,5% cheaper buckwheat, milk and dairy, oil.

Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products increased by 2.6%, tobacco products – by 5.2%, alcoholic drinks – by 0.9%.

The growth of prices (tariffs) for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels by 0.5% mainly due to increase of tariffs for maintenance of houses and house adjoining territories 8.9%, water 2.6% , Sewerage – by 1.6%.

Lower prices for transport in General by 0.2%, mainly caused by a reduction in the cost of fuel and oil 1%.

The rise in prices of education services by 0.4% mainly due to the increase in fees for the maintenance of children in preschool institutions 3.4%.

Recall, July 6, the national Bank of Ukraine has lowered the forecast of growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017 to 1.6% from 1.9%, keeping inflation at 9.1%.