In Ukraine increased the gas for the car

В Украине подорожал газ для авто

Autogas has risen throughout Ukraine

The cost of petrol has risen some gas stations for 1 UAH.

Over the weekend of 12-13 August retail prices of liquefied petroleum gas rose again by 0.1 -1,1 UAH/liter. it is reported OilMarket with reference to consulting company UPECO, collected data daily price monitoring of the petroleum market.

For example, in Kiev at filling stations OKKO, WOG, SOCAR and KLO the cost of liquefied gas rose by 10 kopecks./l to 11.89 UAH/l, and the Shell gas station by 20 kopecks./l to 11.69 UAH/liter.

In the network of “BRSM-Nafta” LPG rose by 20 kopecks./l to 11.79 UAH/l At stations Marshal the price of gas has increased by 30 kopecks./l to 11.60 UAH/liter.

Also, at the pump operator’s Amic Energy in the Kiev region the price of LPG increased by 30 kopecks./l to 11.39 UAH/liter.

In addition, retail companies and Parallel “energy TRANS” autogas has increased in price by 30-50 kopecks./l to 12.49 UAH/l 12,29 UAH/liter, respectively.

Higher prices were observed at most stations of the regional operators.

We will remind, earlier gas for cars became more expensive at Easter.