In Ukraine is 13% more expensive eggs

В Украине на 13% подорожали яйца

For a month the eggs jumped in price by two hryvnia per dozen

The highest prices are observed in Kiev – 21,39 hryvnia per dozen.

The average price of eggs from 11 September to 10 October in Ukraine increased by 13.45%, or 2.4 hryvnia to 20.33 hryvnia for 10 Grand, the press service of the State statistics service.

The highest prices are observed in Kyiv – the hryvnia 21,39/10 pieces, while the lowest – in Zaporizhia region – of 19.35 hryvnia/10 pieces.

In this case, from 10 August to 11 September, the weighted average prices of eggs increased by 63.8% or by 6.98 to 17.92 hryvnia hryvnia per 10 pieces.

As previously reported, Ukraine in January-September 2017 exported 62,44 thousand tonnes of eggs worth $43,57 million, more than any annual figure 2013-2016.

More than 60 Ukrainian companies become exporters to the EU