In Ukraine launch the model insurance auto insurance direct settlement of losses in 100% of cases

In Ukraine launch the model insurance auto insurance direct settlement of losses in 100% of cases. Now in case of an accident, the compensation will need to go to the insurance culprit, and the company that purchased the policy, explain in IC “AXA Insurance”.

“Today the agreement on direct settlement was signed by 17 companies. But this is only half of the market – customers will be able to use this service at approximately 50% of cases”, – says Maxim Mezhebitsky, Vice-President of IC “AXA Insurance”.

That is, the remaining 50% of cases the client will have to receive payments under the old scheme – the company responsible for accident. Therefore, in the Ukrainian office of a French company developed an additional service that mitigates these risks.

В Украине запускают модель страхования по "автогражданке" с прямым урегулированием убытков в 100% случаев 

Advanced policy “Motor for Their” guarantees the customer a fast compensation payment from “his” insurance in 100% of cases. Even when the company of the driver who is guilty in the accident, is not a party to the agreement on direct settlement.

With improved service, if the insured event happens, the calculation of damages will not be taken into account depreciation wear and tear of spare parts. Use you and evroprotokol. The policy provides two free evacuation of the car from the scene and the organization of delivery of gasoline. And improved “motor” save time: visit the office of the insurance company to place your event and pick up a payoff, is not necessary.

Service tailored remote settlement. The issue price is several hundred USD. Add their need to the standard value of the policy liability. If CTP driver is already bought, but without additional services – service with a mechanism of direct settlement can be purchased separately, paying only the difference, experts explain.

Recall, direct settlement of losses works in Europe for over forty years. Last year the model was joined by Poland. In Ukraine, explain: under this scheme money on car repair the driver – the victim in an accident, the insurance company pays 2 times faster than under the old scheme.