In Ukraine launched a project on hybrid aggression

В Украине начата реализация проекта о гибридной агрессии

In Ukraine by order of the Ministry of foreign Affairs launched a project on hybrid of aggression and territorial claims.

In Ukraine by order of the Ministry of foreign Affairs has started implementation of the project of the Russian hybrid aggression (vibracija) as a factor of escalation of territorial claims to Ukraine from the neighboring States, whose goal is the study of the role of the national factor as a tool to implement the territorial claims from Hungary, Poland and Romania. On Thursday, January 24, the press service of the foreign policy research Institute.

At the same time, according to the Institute, a number of politicians and officials of EU countries have resorted to harsh criticism of this study, which concerns the territorial disputes of Ukraine with the European neighbors.

“The project staff received threats from representatives of right-wing organizations in Poland, such as National revival of Poland. The Polish Embassy in Ukraine sent us an eloquent signals that the “path to the European Union for a state professing a neo-Bandera ideology – closed””, – stated in the message.

However, the project expressed a desire to join the EU Delegation in Ukraine, the Institute of international relations of the University of Lower Silesia (Wroclaw, Poland), Institute of democratic politics (Vilnius, Lithuania) and the Ukrainian Institute of national memory.

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